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Pediatric Urology (U)
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Specialty Description

Pediatric urology consists of the diagnosis, management, and treatment of fetal, perinatal, child, and adolescent genitourinary and adrenal abnormalities and diseases, and the promotion of health with prevention of disease.

This includes specifically: experience with fetal and genetic evaluation; pediatric endocrinology; issues of renal disease, such as chronic renal insufficiency, and transplantation; congenital and acquired neurological diseases affecting the urinary tract such as spina bifida and neurogenic bladder; the treatment and management of congenital genitourinary abnormalities, and reconstructive urology. For the full integration of patient management in these areas, the following are required: education in advanced imaging of the pediatric genitourinary tract; radiation and imaging safety risks; pharmacology and safety of commonly used agents, and pediatric pain management.