For the 2024-2025 application cycle, all OBGYN Residency Programs will be participating in ResidencyCAS.

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Please contact us with any questions. But first check our FAQs below for answers to common questions. Program Directors or Coordinators should include their 10-digit ACGME program ID number.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Already an AMA member but can't access the FREIDA Dashboard?
⦁ To check if your membership is in good standing, go to
⦁ If you are a member, but your membership type is non-physician, click the link to upgrade your account
⦁ Update your online account to Physician, Resident, or Medical Student and log out of all AMA pages
⦁ Go to and log back in to use your AMA member dashboard

Where does FREIDA Online data come from?
Program data on FREIDA Online come directly from the programs themselves via the GME Track/National GME Census (, an annual online survey jointly conducted by the American Medical Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges. Data are loaded onto FREIDA in mid-August for those programs that complete the National GME Census by the mid-July due date, again in October (for data received by the end of September), and a final upload in February. Information on GME participating hospital institutions is provided by Health Forum, LLC, an affiliate of the American Hospital Association.

Can anyone search for residency/fellowship programs on FREIDA?
Yes, anyone can use FREIDA Online. However, users of FREIDA Online must have an AMA account to search for programs. With an AMA account, you can access other AMA resources, register for educational opportunities, and subscribe to AMA email newsletters. Creating an account does not mean you are becoming an AMA member.
AMA members do, however, have additional FREIDA Online benefits, such as saving searches into a Comparison List and creating a Dashboard to store personal observations about your residency program research. You can learn more about AMA membership here.

Do AMA members have additional FREIDA Online benefits?
Yes, AMA members are able to save program searches into the Comparison List and into the Dashboard, and can utilize the Dashboard to help organize their search for programs of interest.

How do I save results of a program search on FREIDA Online?
AMA members can save results of a search into the Comparison List or into the Dashboard. Select the program you're interested in, either from the Search results or from a program's page on FREIDA Online, and select Add to Comparison or Add to Dashboard. You can also add programs to the Dashboard from the Comparison table.
If you are not an AMA member, you can add programs to the Comparison List only during the current browser session.

How can I find programs that... ?
Use the Keywords box to type in terms to narrow your search. Keywords Search provides tips and terms to use.

Why is there more information for some programs than others?
Basic information is provided for all ACGME-accredited programs and Board-approved combined programs. In addition, most programs choose to provide even more information about their programs by "leasing" supplemental space on FREIDA. Some programs do not choose this option.

Can I bookmark FREIDA Online for future use?
The bookmark for FREIDA Online can be found here. You can also bookmark a program's listing, but keep in mind that changes are made often to FREIDA Online, and you may want to refresh a bookmarked page to make sure that the information is current.

Why can't I find listings for a particular specialty?
FREIDA Online contains listings for 2 types of programs: (1) programs in specialties that have Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) program requirements, and (2) combined programs that are jointly approved by two or more applicable certification boards (e.g., internal medicine/psychiatry).
If you cannot find listings for a particular specialty or combined program (for example, cutaneous oncology), check with the relevant specialty society for more information about these non-ACGME accredited specialties.

Can I search for vacant residency and fellowship positions?
Yes! Click on the Vacant Positions Search link on the right navigation bar. Program directors can post positions that have become vacant during the year, or are left unfilled after the match. Users can search by specialty, state and program year level. These listings were formerly posted by the AMA Resident and Fellow Section but they are now fully integrated into FREIDA Online. You may also want to check with the specialty society of the area in which you are seeking a position. In addition, there is a service offered by FindAResident, a site sponsored by the AAMC.

How can programs change their data after information has been uploaded from the annual survey?
Program personnel can make changes to the basic program information by clicking on Resources for Program Directors. If changes need to be made to detailed program information, they can be e-mailed to [email protected]. Please include your 10-digit program ID number.

I have questions about the GME Track/National GME Census. Whom do I contact?
Contact the Census Support Hotline at (800) 866-6793 or e-mail [email protected].

How can I find out about the accreditation status of a program?
All programs on FREIDA Online are currently ACGME-accredited, or are combined programs that are approved by their respective specialty boards. The most recent information on the accreditation status of ACGME-accredited programs, including program review dates by residency review committees, is located on the ACGME's Web site.

Our ACGME-accredited residency program is not listed in FREIDA Online. Why not?
If your program was newly accredited within the past several months, it is possible you missed the cutoff date. Notify FREIDA by e-mail ([email protected]) with your 10-digit program ID number and basic information, and we will look into the issue.