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Pediatric Cardiology (PD)
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Pediatric cardiology specializes in diagnosing and treating heart problems in children.

Pediatric cardiologists care for patients with congenital or acquired cardiac and cardiovascular abnormalities. Pediatric cardiologists evaluate and care for fetuses, neonates, infants, children, adolescents, young adults, and adults. Special areas of clinical and academic interest include: intensive cardiac care, cardiac catheterization and intervention, electrophysiology, imaging, fetal cardiology, exercise physiology, preventive cardiology, heart failure and transplantation, and pulmonary hypertension. Additionally, pediatric cardiologists can have a career that focuses on translational or basic science research, or in medical education. The scope of conditions cared for by pediatric cardiologists is broad and includes congenital heart defects, heart muscle disorders, rhythm disturbances, hypertension, and other systemic disorders affecting the cardiovascular system.