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Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists

Where is Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists located?

3900 N Parkview Dr
Fayetteville, AR 72703

What institution service type is Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists?


What type of ownership or control is Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists under?

Other Non-Profit

Clinical Environment
Number of FT personnel
Number of beds
Number of bassinets
Average daily census
Annual births
Annual admissions
Annual emergency department (ED) visits
Annual non-ED outpatient visits
Annual inpatient surgeries
Annual outpatient surgeries
Annual number of Medicare discharges
Annual number of Medicaid discharges
Special Clinical Resources
Cardiac ICU
Medical Surgical ICU
Pediatric ICU
Neonatal ICU
Burn care
Physical rehabilitation
Psychiatric care
Hospice No
Trauma center indicator No
Trauma center level
Positron Emission Tomography No
Medical School Affiliations and Program Partnerships
3900 N Parkview Dr
Fayetteville, AR 72703